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Best Typing Test and Touch Typing Practice Tool with Zen Typing mode, QWERTY keyboard layout and Competitive Features

TypingBeast is an online typing practice and typing test site with different themes and layouts of keyboard that helps you improve your typing skill with the analytics tool integrated inside the website. You can learn to type in various languages such as English, Nepali, Hindi and Newari with different keyboard for each language. It is absolutely free to use, has zen typing mode and guides you along your journey of learning fast and accuate typing. It calculates your accuracy, total letter and words, words per minute i.e typing speed and more importantly shows different graphs of how you improved throughout the process. It also saves your progress so that you can continue on where you last left.

Feature of TypingBeast

  • Online typing practice site for beginners, intermediate and experts to use anytime for free.

  • Typing Zen mode that provides peaceful typing, healing typing and meditation typing environment.

  • Caters to wide range of users from kids and beginners to adults, experts and programmers for typing.

  • User login and authentication to track your progress and daily activities.

  • Different themes and on screen keyboard layout for easier typing experience.

  • Interchangeable language to practice typing in different languages (E.g.English, Nepali, Newari, Hindi and Russian).

  • Accurate Typing Test to calcualte words per minute and accuracy percentage.

  • Graphs and charts to show your progress throughout and share with other people.

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